Nov Haul: Bling & Shine

Bling & Shine
Today is my good mail day which I received my package from Did some shopping there during the 11.11 shopping mad day (Can’t help it since there’s extra 30% off) plus some clothes I got yesterday, I pretty much reach my shopping limit of the month. So above are my November Haul. Have to say that I’m 98% satisfied with my first time online shop with international shipping. It arrived sooner than I thought with perfect packaging. Last time I purchased on was like ages ago, I only remembered that the dress I got did not fit me well. But everything deserve a second try, so this time I focusing on getting accessories and simple clothes.
No.1-2 are actually from Mango where I shopped in their store yesterday. love the jeans (no.2) !!! I think it has been quite awhile since my last bought denim jeans, so I’m very satisfied with what I found.
No.3-6 are all from They turned out to be just like what I expected. The cute ring (no.3) is super christmas feeling, I thought the design looks like reindeer horns. The London necklace (no.4) is perfect to add on my casual denim top ( Well, and it looks kinda like the popular Lanvin necklace with way cheaper price). I felt this pair of sliver shoes (no.5) go well with a diversity of dress and skirt. Simple black skirt (no.6) that everyone needs to have one in their closet. New sunglasses (no.8) for the winter, combination of black and gold->classy and edgy!
I got the eye shadow palette ( no.8) from SaSa. Small and convenient with everyday wearable eyeshadow color.

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