Michelle’s Christmas Wishlist

Michelle's Christmas Wishlist!

Even though we girls love receiving the gifts from the previous post, for me holidays are all about being with your loved ones whether it is Christmas or Chinese New Year. I find it heart-warming whenever I receive a box of my favorite chocolates and cards.

MarieBelle Chocolates: If you haven’t tried MarieBelle chocolates you definitely have been missing out! I love love love MarieBelle not only because they each single one of them look great but they also taste amazing!! My dream is to have them with me where ever I go.

A Photo Album: I die for a romantic gesture from a guy, and I’m sure most of the girls are the same as me. Creating a photo album with a theme and memories from a special moment or trip is both cost efficient and meaningful. I can’t imagine this can disappointed anyone.

A Bottle of Champagne and a Good Time: What is a good time without popping a bottle of champagne?

Christmas Cards: If you have a hard time to say sentimental things this is the best way to express how you feel toward your loved one. I value the cards I receive from my friends and family so much that I keep them in a box and take it with me where ever I move to. I open them every now and then, and they always make me nostalgic.

Nici Love Collection: I have a soft heart for this little munchkin.

Elf Broadway Show: It is funny, touching, and you can’t get any more Christmas than this. It is probably my favorite Broadway show.

Michelle L.


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