My THREE Dim Sum Spots

I Love Dim Sum and it has been a tradition for every sunday morning when I went over to my grandma’s. Even while I was in the states, I would go to dim sum quite often to fulfill my cravings. And for once, I headed up to Vancouver from Seattle just for some authentic food including dim sum. Haha, so now you all know how serious I treat eating. The following three dim sum places are the ones I went most often ( yay, they are delicious and close to my neighborhood 😛 )

1. Lei Garden


love their soup of the day and Soup dumpling! Every dish was super delicate, in small portion, with great taste. love the dining environment as well.

2. Fung Shing Restaurant


It’s quite an old restaurant and my family has bee there numerous times for dim sum. Very authentic !

3. Tim Ho Wan, the Dim-sum Specialists


Baked BBQ Pork Bun is definitely one of their their signature dishes  ; The outer crispy layer matches the BBQ pork bun=absolute perfect match ! The dim sum that they have are quite innovative, love the prawn and beef dumpling and chicken feet ( cooked in a different style than the usuals are)  The restaurant has once rewarded Michelin one star! Cheap price with excellent food !timhowanAll pictures by 21%



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