Michelle Goes To Bali: Why do I keep going back?


Bali has always been my family and I’s little getaway. We have been going there almost every year for the past 10 years. Every time we go there we try out a new resort and location, as there are so many to choose from.Over the years Bali has become a popular place for commercial developers, and the number of visitors has also grown out of proportion. I have heard people say that Bali has lost its beauty due to overdevelopment and modernization. I have to admit that the present traffic and the new development are some what out of place.I cringe every time I see my old version of Bali that carries uncountable memories is being deprived by the new changes.


Even though this little getaway of ours is no longer the same, It doesn’t change my love for this place. This place is special because of its geographic features (i.e. the mountains, beaches, Ayung river etc,) delicious food, spirituality, and most importantly the people. The people I have met here are the most genuine and happiest. It almost seems like there is no quarrel and anger between the people. Their ora is contagious and priceless. The combination of the nature, food, and people makes me want to go back.


This year we stayed at two very different hotels in Seminyak and Ubud. Seminyak is a trendy hip area where the hotels and resorts here are mostly beachfront. Unlike Kuta, this area is newer and is surrounded by high-end boutiques and villas. On the other hand, Ubud is a mountainous area, where one can find beautiful rice fields and temples. My next blog will talk about my stay in these two areas in detail.


Michelle L.


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