Hiking @ Lamma Island


Went to Lamma Island for hiking last weekend. Nice long hike/walk under the super sunny weather. It’s about a 30 mins ferry ride from Central Ferry Pier 4 to Yung Shue Wan in Lamma Island. We went on Sunday ( The Double Ninth Festival-people usually go hiking this day as a tradition), the ferry was packed since the next day was still a  public holiday day.

My First impression of Lamma Island-Fishing Village. Couldn’t remember when was the last visit. Tons of people were already eating dim sum in the restaurants along the coast.


The Famous Ya Po tofu dessert was just located at the perfect place. We were craving for food when we reached this section of the road. IMG_1890

Yummy! There’s three of us, not me eating tofu bowls on the entire tray. Price: $ 10 HKD for one bowl


The Lamma Wind-to generate environmental friendly electricity. The first wind power station in HK ever.


The Beach !! Wished I packed my bikinis with me. It was too hot that I almost wanted to jump into the water.


The Green Mountain. We were almost at the other side of the island-Sok Kwu Wan. The whole trail took us a little more than 2 hours.


We stopped by at Tien Hong Restaurant for food (SEAFOOD! )before we ended our journey on the island. Super fresh and tasty Seafood! IMG_1914



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