Afternoon Tea at Royal Smushi House


One weekend afternoon in September, My friend and I decided to have afternoon tea in this quiet cafe. I have wanted to write a blog about it and finally here it is. It wasn’t too easy to find this place, since it is hidden behind Takooli Sanlitun North part if you come from that side. I wish I would have discovered this place earlier,definitely a great place for besties to hangout and chit-chat.

This is the area where we seated ! love the pink walls and colorful cushions.  Don’t know why I thought of snow white and seven dwarfs,  but I felt like this would be  a coffee shop that owned by them. The outer area and the second floor has a totally different interior design, one is more modern and the other is more classic.

We ordered a two people afternoon tea set,(¥118) which includes English Tea, two glasses of dessert wine and a two tier dessert tray full of delicious bites. We both had a very light lunch, and the amount of food in the afternoon tea set is quite enough. We bought this set on a coupon site earlier, they might not have the same promotion right now, but if there’s anything around the price. It worth a try! Highly recommend it !

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 2.02.12 PM

Address: Beijing, Chaoyang District, DongzhimenwaidaJie No. 12 /北京市朝阳区东直门外大街12号
Phone: 010-64169664
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Titinia. S


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