Diamonds are…Just Perfect!

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend a Bvlgari event in my city with my mom to preview their high jewellery collection. As a girl in her early twenties, being surrounded by diamonds and high jewelleries is a rare occasion. It was almost like a dream-come-true experience being able to try on one of the kind, exclusive pieces.



Growing up diamonds were not unfamiliar to us girl. We imagined us like one of those fairytale princesses showered by colorful gems and diamonds. As we grow up we learn that unless you are mega rich, that’s not going to happen. This is why we tend to think buying a decent size diamond ring is almost next to impossible.



In fact, there is so much more to a diamond. I’m no expert, but I definitely know enough. A one carat diamond can range from approx.  $15,000- $50,000 depending on its quality. The famous 4 Cs– carat, color, clarity, and cut are one of the main factors to be considered. Of course there are also other factors such as finish, fluorescence, and brand etc. Regardless, different people buy diamonds for different reasons, whether it is for investment, gifting, proposal or a splurge treat. For me the first diamond should always be special, and you can define what special means to you. My conclusion is that diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend, and one shouldn’t be afraid to treat herself one as long as it is within the budget.



Source: 21%

Michelle Lin


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