LFW Spring 2014: Imagine bloggers Rock These Brands

Continuing my previous post of imagining bloggers in NYFW Spring 2014 collection. We have now travelled to London, UK following the latest London fashion week. The LFW so far was amazing and exiting, the collections have more of these “ craziness” and “ boldness” than what we previously saw in NYFW. I put together four different brands with four well-known fashion bloggers. So who are they?

 OKchung(Orala Kiely source from ; Alexa Chung from; collage by 21%)

Alexa Chung  in Orala Kiely ! Orala Kiely’s new debuts are absolute classic UK-English style with some attitudes. Alexa would totally rock it with its own style.

 Wwarne(Whistles source from ; Nicole Warne from her instagram ; collage by 21%)

 Love the simple looks from Whistles! Nicole Warne, the blogger and owner of Gary Pepper would perfectly carry out those looks just like all her beautiful outfit looks in her instagram.


( Ashish source from ; Margaret Zhang from her instagram ; collage by 21%)

 Ashish presented a collection that added lots of streetstyle elements. Australian Fashion Blogger Margaret Zhang could handle them as she always does.


(Markus Lupfer source from Julie Sarinana from her instagram ; collage by 21%)

 How about Julie Sarinana in Markus Lupfer ? Modern, romantic, soft and metallic?

September is the month of fashion,



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