StreetStyle @ CN

What would you dress to go shopping? How about hanging out with friends? Movies? Dates? How long does it take for you to dress up? Don’t know about you, but for me it takes quite some time to process what to wear, what accessories to match and what purse to bring. Well, I think behind every effortless look, there’s some kind of time consuming effort.

Let’s check out some of the chic people on the streets of China:

STREETSNAP( Picture source from P1.CN; Collage: 21%)

NYC is not the only place where you could get enormous street shoot of fashion people. Street style is popular in China as well. Everyone has his or her own definition of trendy, beautiful and chic.  You can be the cute Lolita wear a bright red skirt. You can also dress in black and white as the forever-classic Chanel girl.


( Picture source from P1.CN; Collage: 21%)

Dress up! Bring out your characteristic! Be true to yourself is the new trend: )

Dress as who you are,



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