Michelle Goes To London: Three Chicest Rooftop Bars in London

One of my favorite things about summer is that I can hang out with my boyfriend and friends, drinking a cocktail or two at a nice rooftop bar hopefully with a fantastic view. This is exactly what I did when I went to London to visit my best friend Shuyi. We visited these three slickest, chicest, and the most dazzling rooftop bars around East London.

The Boundary

Designed by Terence Conran and situated on top of a boutique hotel in my favorite part of the town- Shoreditch. This homey rooftop is perfect for after a long day of walking and sightseeing, or a hectic day at work. I love this place because it is both quiet and relaxing compared to other fancy rooftops. You can’t beat the ambience and the welcoming warmth that this place radiates.



Located on the 38th floor of the Heron Tower. This rooftop terrace definitely has the wow- factor as the bar is surrounding the lit-up giant tree in the middle of the terrace. It is just as beautiful as it is on the pictures you see online. It is great to come here for a romantic dinner and enjoy the night breeze with delicious drinks afterward.

Source: 21%

Madison at One New Change

We stumbled upon this amazing rooftop bar after an exhausting afternoon of shopping and sightseeing 🙂 We were starving and our feet were sore. Even though we did have dinner here, what’s not to love when our night ended with a tipsy girls night out at this hidden gem that overlooks St. Paul’s Cathedral.


Michelle L.


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