Let Your Skin Drink Up

Tired of your skin constantly being dry? If you have sensitive skin or combination skin ( T-zone oily), try out some of my recommendations:

mois copy1. Biotherm-AQUASOURCE for normal and combination skin (Green)

Used it for more than 5 years. I am not a creamy texture lover so I love this light gel texture moisturizer. Personally I think this can be used all year around, day and night (unless you are in a very dry place). It won’t make your skin greasy or oily. It absorbs well and leaves your skin very soft and smooth. I would sometime put on couple layers before bed to make a sleeping mask.


More moisturizes than the green bottle one. Re-command for winter use or dry skin. Otherwise, I would use it the same way as the green bottle one.

3. Kate Somerville-Nourish Daily Moisturizer

My absolute new fav! Starting to use it in  May 2012. I think this is also what contributes to the reducing breakouts of mine. I mainly use it in the morning along with the Vitamin Serum from Kate. Great scent and great texture. I love the packaging because it avoids the cream to expose in germs/dirt in the air.  Another highly recommend product!

4. Shiseido-The Skincare day moisture protection SPF 15

Good daily moisturizer with SPF. Very light-weighted, not greasy at all. Nice smell and it does make the skin smoother. I used it back in high school until I realized that SPF 15 is not enough to protect skin from UVA/UVB rays. (ya, spending too much time in front of computer screen) I now use a separate sun screen on top of daily moisturizer.

5. Kiehls-Ultra Facial Moisturizer

I can’t remember if it’s the one with SPF 15 or not. I finished one of this moisturizer but discontinue it afterwards. I would not recommend it,( i felt it’s a bit oily to me) but it’s not a bad product. An average everyday use moisturizer.

6. JUJU-Aquamoist C Hyaluronic Acid Whitening Milk

Used to be a big fan of Japanese skin care products. So I got this in Hongkong Sasa. I like the texture a lot, although it’s not gel but it’s a very light weighted lotion. I don’t think it helps to whitening my skin but maybe brightening up a bit.



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