Japanese Food @ NYC

The on going NWFW reminds me of my life in NYC a lot, and Michelle’s last blog about her food crawl reminds me of being a foodie there. Although New York has all kinds of fantastic food, whenever I’m out of idea for dinner, Japanese Food is what I get.

You hardly go wrong with Jap food, and I have discovered some of my favorite Japanese restaurants in the big apple.


Very authentic restaurant located in the midtown area. Reservation is highly recommended! Along with all the fancy naming dishes on the dinner menu, do order Box of Dreams or at least try Box of Dreams Mini.


(Source: 21%)

 Nine sushi plates placed into a lacquer box. Including eel, uni, salmon roe, tuna…etc

Yakitori Totto

My places to go for lunch during work days (while whem I’m not that busy). It is located between 56th street and 6th ave, an upstair tiny restaurant! There is usually lines during lunch hours ( so either come early or have your lunch later if you would like to avoid it) The wait is usually around 10-15mins.  All of their Yakitori (Grilled stuff) is super delicious and they have a wide range of choice. Here are what I always order:

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 10.57.05 AM

(Source from

Yakitori Don

 Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 10.58.24 AM

(Source from

Oyako Don

Robataya NY

My #1 non-sushi Jap restaurant! It is in East village, the Japanese town. Reservation is highly recommended if you wanted to sit in the bar and look at how the chef made the food (at least three days ahead) Otherwise, go early is the best advice!


(Source: 21%, photo credit: Martina)

Japanese Yam and Nori seaweed w/ Soy Sauce

Kamameshi w/ Salmon Roe & Uni

Kawari Yakko

Ginadara Saikyo Yaki  (Filet of Cod Fish Steeped in Saikyo miso)

Enoki ( Enoki Mushroom w/Salt)

Jagaimo (potato w/ Salt & butter)

Hotate ( Sea scallop in Umami Soup)

 Last but not least,

I had my last NYC lunch meal here : )


Beautiful place, Michelle and I both ordered their KaiSen Don! Yum!

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 11.42.04 AM

 (pic source from

 Stay warm in NYC,



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