Wolala Sahara!

camel rides

A group of camel riders

Wooha ! First time going in to the desert! Sahara– the largest desert in the world! The 10 hours long ride from Rabat to the side of Sahara was filled with excitement! The temperature is super hot during the day in the desert! No kidding, at least 50 Celsius degree. So make sure you are ready for it: sunscreen, comfy shoes and sunglasses are a must! You need a colorful scarf to rap around your head to protect you from sand winds, heat stroke and most importantly to pretend a Berber in the Sahara: ) Be creative with your outfit, the more standout the better!


  1. Ray-Ban Sunglasses
  2. Nike Silver Sandals
  3. Evian mineral water
  4. BCBG Michael Relaxed Pants
  5. BCBG Alder Relief Jacquard lace Sweatpant
  6. Kesh X American Apparel cotton sleeveless crop top
  7. Kate Somervile sunscreen
  8. Giles & Brother Bracelets


One, two, three, jump ! Take a photo with your ipad !


Shadow of huge camels 

It is very dry in the desert. Make sure you drink and bring lots of water. Your lips will need chapstick all the time ! (check out liplicious for some best choices ) To avoid sunburn, purchases some Aloe gel.


Sleeping out under the sky

IMG_0335 The desert is right here 

( source from 21% and photo credit to Laura)

For more info about Sahara tour: 

Be Wild and take lots amazing photos !



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