Cai Yi Xuan @ Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

My Beijing restaurant week first shot was in this Chinese restaurant called Cai Yi Xuan. It is located inside the Four Seasons Hotel.  The interior design was very oriental and luxurious, with mostly wooden decoration and lots of red and royal yellow.


The lunch prix fixe menu was quite some portion. The dish that catches my eyeball the most when I saw the menu is definitely Braised bean curd with black truffle juice. I was not disappointed; it is my favorite dish among all.  Very tasty without too much flavoring, the tofu was the right amount of softness.  



Dim Sum Platter

(Steamed Shrimp dumplings with bamboo shoot, Beef wrapped in pancake, Bean curd roll with celery)


Double boiled chicken soup with bamboo pith and vegetable


Grilled fish with Thai sauce


 Braised bean curd with black truffle juice


Poached vegetable sprouts with black fungus


Guiling jelly with sweet sauce


Everything was pretty much as what I expected, nothing surprisingly amazing; The ambience made it a great place for business lunch, however.

Eat healthily,




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