When Summer comes to the end-Detox Juice Cleanse

Summer is almost over, and my stomach is filled with tons of yummy food I have eaten during the past couple months. Not sure about you, but summer for me is always the season of food feast. It is now time to come to an end and do some body cleansing.


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 Blue Print is a very famous detox juice brand. I personally have not tried their detox product. But any friends of mine have had good reviews for them. You can order them online or get them separately in any wholefood stores.  Nevertheless, I think all detox juice is similar and I would like to share my experience with juice detoxing.

On Juice


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 My very first detox experience is with On Juice. The juice were shipped overnight all the way from Florida. I did a one-day signature cleanse for my very first time.  I start eating pure salad two days before my detox.

The first two green bottles as you can see are hard to swallow; especially your stomach is empty with nothing. The taste wasn’t too bad, its just taste like you are drinking grass, leaves or tree (very healthy right?)

The fourth bottle is the toughest  (Cayenne pepper and lemon). In order to get it through your throat, you mind need to drink of a bottle of water.

The rest of the two are quite pleasant to drink!

I definitely felt lighter after the entire day detox. I think I do get some toxic out of my body (by going to the restroom quite frequently) Very refreshed and I felt like I could fly when I walked fast (lol)


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It seems quit effective, so I went on my second try with Organic Avenue’s three day LOVE DEEP cleanse.  Similar juice and for Manhattan area, they do mornings delivery.

Never felt physically hungry while doing juice cleanse, might once awhile craving for actual food though. This three day detox went pretty successful until I went to a BBQ dinner the day after I finished my detox (DO NOT EVEN TRY), end up with stomachache ( BAD EXAMPLE)

Some tips:

– Three day detox is the max for beginners

– Don’t detox when you’re travelling or having intensive workload

-Make sure you start eating light (salads) at least two days before

– Make sure you keep eating light for the few days after it

-Drinking each bottle at a certain time (for instance every 2 hours..)

– Do a 20 mins exercise with it

xoxo, Stay fabulous in September



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