Lost in Fes Medina

More about MoroccoFes Medina is a HUGE maze with thousands of streets including lots of mosque, stores, some universities, hospitals and etc! And it is also a UNESCO world heritage. There is still many people living in it and you can basically get all you daily living needs with in the medina. Isn’t that neat?


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 Even if you have a map, a first time tourist would totally get lost in the medina. Thanks to the awesome guide, Saida that we have, we were able to get back to our riad after going to all sorts of places.

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One of the front gate of the medina-the blue gate


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The opposite side of the gate

 You are not technically visited Morocco, if you haven ‘t been to the Medina. It shows you how Moroccans live and what they do everyday. You got cultured to their religion, education, and culture during the whole tour.  Since we went during Ramadan, the Medina is very vivid during late afternoon hours, just before breaking the fast.Image

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An old man with his donkey

The streets are super narrow, so you won’t be able to see any cars with in the medina.  Donkey, house, motors and bicycles are the only methods of transportation. Yes, you do see donkeys carrying stuff in the medina quite often. The little decoration on the donkey’s head is called Hamsa or the hand of Fatima. It is said to protect anything from the evil eye.


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 One of the largest Tanneries in Morocco

Camel, sheep, calf leathers are bleached first in those white tanks and then colored by different pigments in those brown tanks. The Tannery has an awful smell, but the friendly owner gave as some mint leaves to breath on.

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A Fountain for cleansing

 According to my guide, this is a courtyard of a used to be “ university dorm”. When all the people came to fes to study about Islam, this is the place for them to stay. Each time before they start praying, this fountain is where they used to clean themselves.


 Man knitting from plant fiber

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 The owner of the store said, this knitting machine should be performed by two men ! It’s quite a big machine!


   Custom made Bride’s Chair

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Every bride in Morocco need to get her Bride’s Chair made before her wedding. It is usually in white or green (symbolizing peace). The Fes Medina is where people shop for wedding stuff (from head to toe, in and out) I passed by a ton of ( more than I can count) those shops on my way.


Girls dressing up for the festival

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Visit my favorite city-Fez, when you are in Morocco~



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