Yves Saint Laurent Garden – Jardin Majorelle

The garden was created and designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle in 1920s in Marrakech during the French colony period.  The famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent once owned it until his death in 2008.


The sign in front of the garden

(source from 21%)

The garden was covered with cobalt blue with little bright yellow.  It is a very interesting color combination especially in Morocco. You rarely see such bold colors on the architectures.  I can’t stop taking pictures when I first saw this place.  Don’t miss out the chance to see incredible Berber jewelries inside the museum! You won’t regret.


(All picture source from 21%)


Berber Jewellery Museum

(source from 21%)

There are lots of plants in this blue garden, many of them are exotic such as cactus.  If you have extra time, spend the afternoon in the blue garden café, and enjoy some tea.


(source from 21%)


Galarie Love- Yves Saint Laurent’s Collage

(source from 21%)



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