Riad Fes

Riad Fes, this Riad is a hidden gem within the old media alleys. You will need someone to guide you into the hotel entrance. From the façade, you would not believe that how luxurious and gorgeous inside could be.


(source from

(source from

We were welcomed with some snacks and their traditional Moroccan mint tea. The lobby is a great area decorated with mosaic, carpets and unique furniture.

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We have our own courtyard with two rooms opposite to each other, which is lovely.  A private space to relax and enjoy some afternoon tea. Just by looking at the pictures again, I would love to go back and lie on the couch.


(source from 21%)

Do not forget to bring your swimsuit! There’s a cozy swimming pool outdoor. Considering the hot and dry weather in Fes, getting wet is not a bad idea.

(source from

Do try their Hamman. As people said, every woman must have a Hamman spa experience when they visit Morocco.

(Source from Riadfes pinterest)



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