My Facial Cleanser Collection

Fall is coming soon, having an effective and hydrating cleanser would be the key to keep your skin moisturize.


1. skyn Iceland-Glacial Face Wash with Biospheric Complex

I started to use this cleanser around June. I was attracted by it is for “stressed skin” and decide to buy it within seconds. Of course, I have also read some reviews and decided that it was worth a try. I love it a lot. I use it twice daily until I bought this new cleanser for mornings (I’ll introduce it later). I like the texture and the foaming is great plus you won’t feel dry afterwards. I have finished up two Skyn cleansers already!!! It’s great for sensitive skin with some acne here and there. I was suffered with acne problems in spring, after using this I realize that my skin  gets much better with less breakout problems. (Of course along with other skin care product I used ) Highly recommend!

2. Ole Henrisken- On the go cleanser

New product I purchased this Spring. Absolutely love the smell, a scent of orange. Very refreshing and I use it every morning. It won’t make your skin too dry as well.

Still love it even after I moved to NYC !

3. Biotherm-BIOSOURCE mousse 

Used it for 3-4 years until I gradually replaced it with the cleansers above. Great moose texture, won’t leave you skin dry. (haha you can see I hate cleaners that leave your skin dry and way too tight) Nothing too amazed, but it’s definitely an okay good cleanser overall.

4. Bliss triple oxygen instant energizing cleansing foam

I purchased this product as part of a beauty package to try out, and it amazed me! Love the foaming texture and easy to use packaging. It refreshes the skin without dehydrated it. Love the light scent as well. Great everyday cleanser!

5. Kate Somerville-Gentle Daily Wash

Thoroughly cleans my skin and leave a silky texture, lavender scent, Great everyday cleanser!



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