Duck de Chine (1949 The Hidden City)

Located in the heart of Dongcheng district (Beijing), this mysterious restaurant is hidden those Chinese quadrangles traditional architecture.  To be honest, it took me quite some time to find this place even with the help of Google map.

The interior decoration also follows the Chinese traditional tone; it is quite surprising to find this kind of cozy space with all the skyscrapers around.


                                                                                                (source from


                                                                                               (source from


                                                                                        The red lanterns on the ceiling
                                                                                                      (source 21%)

Been to many different restaurants for Peking duck, Duck de Chine is definitely one of the best among all. Most of the menu is prepared in Fusion-French/Chinese style, but the gourmets are prepared with traditional Chinese ingredients.


                                                                                                Delicate cloisionné ducks

(Source: 21%)

Looking at how the duck was carved and presented to our plate was such a pleasure!


                                                                                                      (Source : 21%)

Will definitely return!



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