My Beauty Routine

I am particular when it comes to beauty products. Even though my skin isn’t as high maintenance as some other people that I know, I get break out easily. I don’t like anything that is too complicated to use, greasy, and not absorptive. I like it when my skin feels hydrated and refreshed after the routine. Below are the beauty products that I’m currently using. I have oily T-zone and combination skin.


Left to right:

1. Shu Uemura – red:juvenus vitalizing refining lotion

This is the first thing that I use after I wash my face. It’s called lotion but it is used as a toner. I like this because I can use it from summer to winter as it is light enough to be used in hot humid weather, and moisturizing enough to be used in cold dry weather. I also like its refreshing smell.

2. Clarins – Double Serum

Double Serum is the best serum I have come across so far. I have been using it for six months now and it hasn’t given me any breakout. I am not a big fan of serums as I usually find them too rich for my skin, and thus causing bad breakouts. This serum hasn’t given me any problem of that sort, and I actually find my skin brighter and more refined now.

3. Clarins – Defining Eye Lift

I like the light texture of this eye serum. I usually message my eyes with it day and night until it’s fully absorbed.

4. Biotherm – Aquasource: Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel

Love love love this moisturizing gel. It is super hydrating and and lightweight. It is perfect for the AM as it leaves the skin clean and refined, which is good as a pre-makeup base.

5. Biotherm – Aquasource Night: High Density Hydrating Jelly

It is good to be applied during the night because it is more concentrated. It hydrates the skin all night long without generating unwanted grease in the morning. I haven’t had any breakout since I started using it as once again it is richer than other products. Definitely highly recommended for my skin type.

6. Clarins – HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm

The last but also the most important step of my beauty routine! I can’t stand dry lips. It is like a torture for me to have dry lips and also to look at them. I like this Clarins gel-like lip balm because it is good for both AM and PM. It is extremely moisturizing and you can easily apply lipstick on top of it.

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