Lips get dry easily in summer. I love to apply lots of lip balm/chap-stick to avoid this and to leave a juicy touch to my lips. The products on the plate are some of our favorites over the years.

 1. Blistex DCT

Used it couple years ago during high school. It saved my lips from drying in the cold weather in Canada. Repurchased it again recently, because I’m out of my fresh Chapstick and saw this while i was in Duane Reade. Love it, since it works well with dry cold weather in the east coast. The only downside is you have to use it with your fingers, so it is not that hygiene or convenient when your out with your hands touching lots of stuff.

2.     URIAGE

This product is still my number one favourite lip balm among all of them. Very moisturizing and most importantly it does not have any strong scent.  I bought it in a pharmacy /drug store in Paris, didn’t see it in any stores in the states.

3.   Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Can’t remember I have finished how many of these. My friends literally thought that I’m eating on those  LOL. It is a great product. I would apply tons before I got to bed, so the next morning when I get up, my lips are  perfect as they could be. It has SPF 15, love!

4.  Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

I used to consider the texture is a bit sticky, but now I think a thin layer of this gelish lip blam will help to lock up the water in my lips. Great for winter fall or spring, might be a little too heavy for summer .

5.  Malin+Goetz mojito lip balm

Yes! The lip balm do has a slightly scent of mojito. Not as think as the Kiehl’s lip balm, but around the same gelish texture. I am using it right now! For gel texture lip balm, avoid applying too much, or else you lips will be shining like you dipped them into OIL.

6.  Biotherm Lip Care

Again, similar texture as Malin and Kiehl’s.  It has 8 SPF to protect your lips from sun damage.

 7.  Shu uemura

If you are looking for a perfect lip balm, Shu Uemura is the one. It is super moisturizing which is good for both fall and winter. However it also works well in summer. –Michelle L

8.   Bobbie Brown Lip Balm

The texture is smooth and thin on contact, the fragrance isn’t too strong. The tin packaging is quite pretty, but the negative side is you have to touch it with your fingers. So make sure your hands are clean!

All those products are great, I would use any of them to substitute the others. Be sure to get the one  that is most suitable to your skin.



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