21 Club

Walked by numerous times during weekday and finally one day here I am having lunch in 21 Club Bar Room.  I am very excited, because this is a restaurant where almost every president has dined in since president Roosevelt.


It is a very popular lunch location in midtown.  I can’t keep my eye off the ceiling once I get into the dining area. There are some many antique toys and sports gears. 21 Club has a long history back to 1922 when it first opened up in Greenwich Village. There was a saying that they are more (sports) deals made in this bar room than any offices. Great place for work lunch. I had the Prix Fixe Lucnheon, the portion and taste fall into my expectation.

Had a little private tour with my pals after the lunch in their “ secret” wine cellar.- thanks to the Alcohol prohibition period. The entrance is hidden behind the restaurant next to the kitchen with a door that looks like a wall.  Voila!  Behind the door, there are many bottles of wine on the shelf.  There is also reserved wine by celebrities and nobles including Elizabeth Taylor and President Nixon.

And then there is this beautiful room where people could hold private parties.


The façade of 21 Club. Those little jokey men figures are just adorable!


Titinia. S


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