Spanish Tapas Style-Casa Mono

I was never really into Spanish Cuisine until I visited Barcelona, Spain two years ago. I still remembered my favorite dish by then was Paella Del Mar and my drink was Sangria.

We were craving for Spanish and we finally visited Casa Mono & Bar Jamon. It immediately reminds me of Harvest Vine – a Spanish restaurant in Seattle upon arrival. With all the windows open up, it also has the ambiance of a French café on a street corner in Paris.


 The restaurant was fully packed already at six thirtyish. Make sure you made reservation in advance.Casa Mono’s tapas bar menu has a great selection. It’s a good for dish sharing since each dish has a small portion. Two of us ordered four dishes and a dessert it’s about the right amount.

My favorite dish is Baby Squid with Local Corn Grits and Farmer’s Egg on the up right corner.  Sweetbreads with Fennel al Mono at the lower left.

Mussels with Cava and Chorizo; Ensalada Mono with Manchego (left to right)

The Mussels are surprisingly very fresh!! And the salad is refreshing with the seasoning and cheese.

Chocolate, Hazelnut, Sal de Mar



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