The Best Mother’s Day Gift

I hope all the mothers and families out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day. This year my mom received a red Staub enameled cast iron cocotte from us, and yesterday I got a call from her saying she couldn’t ask for a better gift.


Enameled cast iron cookwares like Staub and Le Creuset originated in France. Why is it a perfect cookware? The enamel interior allows food to be slow-cooked without drying out the moisture and flavor, and in fact it enhances the flavor of the food. The special interior also prevents food from sticking to the pot. It can also be put into an oven for baking. The best part is on a lazy day, one can just throw all the ingredients into the pot, and still expect to have a delicious dinner in a short period of time.


The cocotte comes in different sizes, colours and shapes. If you haven’t got one for your mom on Mother’s Day, may be you can consider to get one for her on her birthday. Or if you have a dad who likes to cook, it can also be a perfect Father’s Day gift.




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