Bliss Spa

Once in awhile, I would have a feeling that my body needs a treat. There is all sort of  signal going on, sore back, muscles are tied on the shoulder, and a sound when you try to turn your neck.  I know my body is craving for a massage.

What’s better than going to Bliss and get spa services?  I got my massage appointment online and went to the one located in W hotel.

You felt a warm welcomed once you stepped into the store. I love the brightness of the lightning. The procedure was very organized, there is someone who guides you to check in and shows you the locker room.

The locker room was huge, neat and functional. There is everything you need or you could think off.

This area is my favorite! It is the relaxation station before or after a treatment. It is the same feeling of sitting in a VIP lounge and waiting to board the plan.  You have got magazines, brownies, lemon water and more.  I was sitting there, enjoying my time before someone gets me to my treatment.

And of course, the massage was great!  I felt like I’m alive again with full power of energy. I would definitely go back to Bliss again for massage or facial treatments. I have my eye on bliss Hong Kong.

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