A Gem in the City of Lights- Hotel D’ Aubusson

Bonjour Paris! After an extensive introduction on NYC’s dining/lifestyle scene, I want to share my love to my other favourite city, Paris.

Hotel D’Aubusson is truly a hidden gem in Paris. The entrance of the hotel is easy to miss at first, but after missing it once it is hard to miss. Upon arrival, you are welcomed by the gorgeous lobby (and of course the friendliest hotel staff I have ever encountered in Europe), and the courtyard in the middle of the hotel. I was immediately drawn to the courtyard as soon as I arrived.


This quaint boutique hotel is situated at the heart of Saint-Germain, where you can find cute French bistros and restaurants within few steps. It is also near the sightseeing spots like the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Seine.


I am usually open to trying out different hotels when traveling to the same cities, but I was so well taken care of during my stay, I want to make this hotel my initial hotel choice every time I go visit Paris.

Michelle. L


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