Three Trendy Brunch Spots

BRUNCH! My friends and I have made it our weekly tradition ever since we moved to New York after college. We usually do a run to Central Park on Sunday mornings before our eventful brunch.

Why do we love brunch so much? First, it’s because we are in New York where there is a big selection of brunch places to go to. Secondly, why not dress up and catch up with your girls while having delicious egg benedict on the last day of the week before Monday?

I have come up with three of New York’s trendiest restaurants (and they all happened to be hotel restaurants) that offer Sunday brunch.

The Crosby Bar – Located inside the Crosby Street Hotel

 Modern chic decor with a touch of warmth with its wooden instalment. It offers a colorful brunch menu. And guess what? They also serve afternoon tea all day!


Cafe Boulud – Upper East inside the Surrey Hotel

Launched by chef Daniel Boulud best known for his Michelin 3-star restaurant in New York- Daniel. The brunch here is elegant and it is where you can find the Upper Eastsiders and people who are having business brunch..


The NoMad- Flatiron inside the the NoMad Hotel

 It is almost next to impossible make a reservation for dinner if you can’t make a schedule a few weeks in advance. Last time I came here for dinner was on a Wednesday and was around 9:40pm, and that was the best time we could get from booking two weeks prior. Just like any other Michelin or popular restaurants around the world, you can’t blame them for being hard to book. All I can tell you is it’s worth it! It is run by the chef and owner of Eleven Madison Park Daniel Humm and his business partner Will Guidara.


Since it has become one of my friends and I’s favorite spots, we decided to go back for brunch. It did not fail to amaze me again. They offer both brunch and lunch menus with sophisticated selections.

 Don’t forget to check out their Library Bar. You can’t go wrong with their cocktails.

 Michelle L.


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