It’s All About Menswear

Who doesn’t appreciate well-dressed men? There are different things that women focus on when they meet a guy or see a random guy on the street. For me it’s all about the shoes they wear. A pair of  good shoes should complete the outfit and sometimes even make a statement. Below is a list of items/style that draw my attention.

1. Peacoat

Although New York is no longer freezing, winter is just about to begin on the other part of the hemisphere..

When I was living in Seattle, peacoat was a rare species, especially for men. When I moved to NYC, I can’t help turning my head when I see a man who wears a perfect fitted peacoat walking on the streets.


2. Shoes

It is not a myth that women look at men’s shoes first out of the whole outfit. Well, at least my girlfriends and I do! A pair of wrong shoes can ruin the whole outfit, and can sometimes be inappropriate on some occasions, it is also the same for us. Here are the shoes that can be dressed up and down.


top to bottom:O’Keeffe, Church’s, Tod’s, Grenson

3. Blazer

Men usually look sharp and put together when they wear a blazer. It doesn’t matter if it’s with a cool graphic T, or a dress shirt. We love it! French men and women rock a well fitted or chunky boyfriend blazer in all occasions.



top-bottom: Maison Martin Margiela, Canali, Maison Martin Margiela

Michelle. L


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