It seems like spring is finally slowly coming. NYC has been getting a lot of sunshine lately. What else to do on a Saturday morning? Nothing better than having brunch with besties in a lovely hommie restaurant in Soho.

Upon arriving the restaurant, I was delighted by their decoration. It’s simple, warm and a sense of home. Their white and blue grid tablecloth almost made me feel like I’m dinning at a friend’s.

We all believe that food in the ultimate energy to do anything, so why not fed ourselves up before an intensive shopping spree? We ordered their prix fix brunch menu, which resulted in two appetizers, three entrees and one dessert. Opps, and also cocktail drinks 🙂

Pretzel Crab Cake

Canal Street Lobster Dumpling Soup


Crab Cake =All time favorite

Organic Egg Lobster Scramble (Vegetable)


I usually go for Benedict and for eggs I prefer sunside up. But have to say, the organic egg lobster scrambles are pretty delicious.

Grilled Chicken & Baby Shrimp Market Salad

Kitchen Burger


Ice Cream and Sorbet

Strawberry Cocktail

When summer arrives, I’ll have to go check out their Treehouse bar. ..

Titinia S.

David Burke’s Kitchen


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